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Ghosts lurked in 'houses, always old and mostly old fashioned, barns, lanes, the moated sites of old manor-houses, "four-want-ways" or the place of intersection of two cross-roads, churchyards, suicides' graves - which were spoken of, dreaded, avoided after nightfall, as being "haunted" - Atkinson 1814 -1900

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Monday, 21 July 2014

SHOOTING AT RUBBER DUCKS - the official most haunted forum

In this photo their appears to be an apparition of a rubber duck

This is NOT a most haunted plug
This is what happened after a short but brief visit to the (closed group)
 new Official Most Haunted on Facebook

In a few weeks from now, most haunted will be back on British TV screens on the Really channel. A new discussion group (forum) has sprung recently on facebook, run by some of the MH crew, admins Fred Batt, Karl Beattie, Stuart Torevell and Wayne Seaden, Seaden appears to be the main admin on there, looks like its run by a big MH fan.

Welcome to the sickly sweet 'MH family' we are all friendly here, (only if you are a believer (barf) the forum consists mainly of a plethora of photos or amateur recordings from iphones etc.. taken by some posters. Typically 'orbs' 'whisps' pixelated images of so-called figures, shadows, reflections, faces. 

'THE GHOST NEXT TO THE FIREPLACE' A terrible attempt at a ghost photo

This image in particular garnered some accepting responses which went into double figures, such as - oh that's creepy, 'its a monk', its on the right, a ghostly figure, oh yes I see it I see it, that's weird, wonder what it is....  As I pointed out to this captivated audience that it was an obvious 'fake' a 2 layered overlay probably created on one of a number of photo editing suites; my comment was ignored, frustrating, the adjectives kept coming thick and fast.. wow, super catch, amazing, creepy..  it was pointed out by a number of rationally minded readers including myself that it was a fake. You can clearly see the sharp straight lines both top and bottom on the above image, clearly some amateur photoshopper having a play with the crop tool, they didn't even take the time to blend the edges to make it believable. I can't understand why nobody could see the obvious crop, some did..most didn't.

But, what got me more, was not the blatant fakery that was going on on the forum but the bitter arguments between believers and skeptics regarding these types of images. The majority of them weren't faked but could be explained away quite easily, ie Apophenia, pareidolia, (matrixing) by the rational folk but believers were coming to blows over it, especially the original poster, they would get on the offensive showing classic signs of confirmation bias towards their image, the believers siding with the poster complaining that the skeptics were rude, unkind nasty and undermining their photos, although they did initially ask for an opinion, of which only their opinion counted. Their also appeared to be a very strong communal reinforcement on the believer side.  

There just seemed to be not just a lack of critical thinking amongst the community, but also a lack of intelligence although saying that, it is understandable that folks who are new to the paranormal probably just don't understand what they are seeing or the terms put in front of them. We explained to people time after time in layman's terms why faces are seen in orbs (pareidolia) and the 'if you go out looking for it you will probably find it' effect, as in faces in the window (some images embedded via popular news sites). Folks still simply believed it was 'paranormal' without question. It came to the conclusion that they were being bullied by skeptics (the bad guys) on the forum and removed their images without warning. 

Dear Reader, sorry I know this sounds so homogenized...yeh.. I have heard it all before too, 10 years of it! Its not going to change. Ever.

Dare mention the word FAKE on the forum and they would go running to admin to ban or block you. And the main one 'I AM ENTITLED TO MY OPINION!'

Come on folks, how long ago was it since the word 'orb' came on to the scene? Early 2000's Surely folks have had 12 years to figure it out. 

I have a picture of some French poodles haha.. 

I pointed out that getting the believers to think rationally was like shooting at rubber ducks, hence I received a private message to remove my comment because it was classed as offensive. 

Some of the images were removed by the original posters, many discussions were removed by admin, unfortunately he was removing the healthier constructive arguments,
the ones people were getting their teeth into. But the dust stayed put, not even a Dyson could remove it. (silly orbs images)

Many were called to arms (so to speak) getting the admin involved asking him why he was removing the more healthier discussions as they were getting deleted, he responded because they were offensive, actually none were offensive, none, but some people just can't handle constructive criticism and rationality. 

The majority of images were pareidolia related. 

a classic case of True Believer Syndrome 

After a weeks stay on there, I had seen enough, once people's minds made up they will believe what they want to believe no matter what you say to them, they will continue to act like a bunch of sheep and accept anything that is put in-front of them.

I noticed that the majority of members were women fans, women seemed to be more accepting whilst I had noticed that the guys were equally skeptical. There were a handful of female skeptics including myself, but we were in the minority, saying that, why join a MH group if you are a skeptic, I am however interested in belief systems in general and wanted to see what went on on the forum. It was as I had expected. 

It seems that the forum is bias towards the believers, what does that say about Most Haunted??? 

Hence it is hard to sink a rubber duck

Bullshit baffles brains

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Spooky Shropshire - Jules Paranormal Tour UK


RAF Cosford © jptuk
More RAF Cosford photos by JPTUK

This week we visited RAF Cosford in Shropshire, in this photo that I took is the Avro Lincoln B2 RF398. Many people have witnessed odd things around this aircraft including myself. I was taking a photo of the plane when I heard clear footsteps behind me, not thinking too much about it as there were a few people milling about; I turned around and no one was there! I mentioned this to my other half. But, I was well aware of the stories I just put it down to suggestion or misinterpretation, but I did hear someone walking right behind me. Initially the haunting of the Lincoln was a hoax, but after, strange things did happen. 

Brian Redfern is one of many visitors to wonder if they’d seen a ghost in the Avro Lincoln After all, it wasn’t merely the insistence of ghost hunters that suggested the aeroplane is haunted. Many staff have experienced strange goings on near and in the aircraft. In 1991, the BBC’s Gwyn Richards investigated the bomber aided by paranormal investigator Ivan Spenceley. As well as listening to archived audio recordings and some of the first hand stories, the pair spent a couple of nights inside the aircraft, armed with recording equipment. They captured a number of mechanical sounds… sounds (it was claimed) that were difficult to attribute to either the building cooling down or the aircraft settling.

In trying to identify some of the strange sounds, Gwyn and Ivan took an ex Lincoln air crew to visit the infamous aircraft and introduced them to a few of the recorded noises. Phil Pritchett, Gareth Lewis and Peter Palma even claimed to be able to identify a few of the individual sounds – attributing them to actions that would be typically carried out by a pilot and his crew in preparation for (and during) flight.

The first known incident involving the plane occurred when, in 1980, a member of the museum’s staff was locking the hangar for the night. Looking back he believed that he saw someone move in the old aircraft and so he switched the lights back on. Having searched all the corners of the aircraft he turned to switch the lights off again when a “cloudy thing” appeared. Later that week a mechanic was working alone on the Lincoln. He felt around in the dark for a spanner which had just fallen, when it felt as if it was thrust into his hand.

Could it be the ghost of ‘Master Pilot’ Hiller who loved the aircraft and was at the controls for its last ever flight in 1963. It’s said that Hiller promised to “haunt his baby”. Hiller was killed near Cosford in an air crash not long after the Lincoln’s last flight. More recently the secretary to the museum society was busy preparing a notice board about the Lincoln when she heard her name being called. Thinking it was one of the museum staff calling her for a cup of tea she looked toward the Lincoln, then towards the door but saw no one. To this day she will not enter the hangar alone.

The story is also told about an electrician working 15 feet above the ground when he suddenly fell. He remembers thinking “this is it” because he had already injured his spine in a similar fall from another aeroplane. But instead of hitting the concrete floor with expected force, he floated to a stop “as if”, he said, “some invisible force had prevented his fall from being fatal”. Very few claim to have seen the ghost, and those who have, say he is in the gun-turret at the rear, or in the navigator’s seat in the cockpit.


© jptuk


For Sale - Haunted house

 Raynalds Mansion, High Street, Much Wenlock, Shropshire

 Raynalds Mansion - 1682
© jptuk

Owners "John and Mary Raynalds 1682" is now for sale, but there is a hefty price tag. This property can be purchased via for £795.000

Much Wenlock is a beautiful, quaint, stereotypical English country village, with some right eye-candy at your every turn and I mean the historical buildings ;) I snapped this house in particular with its original timbers, I have never seen a house so old.

Raynalds house is Much Wenlock's most important historic residency, it dates back to the 15th century, all the timbers are original, it also has a priest hole. There is a stone extension at the back of the property, it is believed that the stone was added around the 16th century and that the stone was used from Wenlock Abbey after the dissolution of the monasteries in 1539.

People claim that faces appear at the windows and children in Victorian outfits have been seen playing with spinning tops on the balcony.

The Haunted Spar Shop - Much Wenlock

More recently there were reports of a haunted supermarket in Much Wenlock.And when workers began carrying out improvements to the Spar shop, just off The Square in Much Wenlock, things started happening.

"Shopping trolleys began moving on their own, heavy breathing was heard and there were even apparitions.The problems started after the builders dug up ancient pottery and old bones underneath the building.In early 2002,trainee manager Michelle Willis told BBC Midlands Today: "I was sitting over by the computer."I could hear breathing. I opened the door but nobody was there."What's been going on at the moment is enough. It's enough and I'm frightened of it."Trolleys in the storeroom appeared to have moved on their own and one member of staff felt a hand on their shoulder.Shop supervisor Jody Anderson also witnessed an unexplained event: "I was going out to the back to wash some cups, when I saw something appear."It stayed for something like 15 seconds and then it disappeared, totally," he said.The shop is on the site of a medieval alehouse in the historic town.But when they were digging down, the builders found unexpected remains."Items of crockery, lots of bones, definitely human bones," said builder John Todd."The abbey cemetery was moved here in the 12th Century and we came across all these human bones," he said.

© jptuk
Shrewsbury railway station was once the gateway to Wales and the North, with many routes on which VIP's would travel. One such VIP, a Shrewsbury Councillor, has made the same journey to platform three since 1887 when he was killed by a falling roof, which also crushed his carriage and injured his horse. The shadowy figure stands or sits near the ramp entrance from Castle St.

Ironbridge Power Station © jptuk 

Buildwas Abbey above and below © jptuk

Buildwas Abbey - English Heritage

It would seem that the power station cuts into the old boundaries of Buildwas Abbey - especially the station's coal bay, where a ghostly monk has been seen. Buildwas Power Station looks at odds with the surrounding countryside - even more so when you see the ruined abbey next door. The Black Monk is said to haunt the abbey ruins, but has more recently scared the pants off people in the power station itself. One worker was loading the great bucket upon his digger with coal when, in the space left by the bucket, he noticed a shape of what he thought was a woman. Thinking he'd stumbled across a murder victim, the worker got down from his cab. But before he even reached the ground, the figure floated toward him before it vanishing, just a few feet in front of him.
He broke all world records getting out of the building!

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